Wittenberg (Lutherstadt)

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Wittenberg (Lutherstadt)
<map lat='51.87140380383993' lng='12.639083862304688' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Saxony-Anhalt.png
Population: 47,500
Licence plate: WB
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Lutherstadt Wittenberg is a town in the German federal state Saxony-Anhalt.

Wittenberg is well known world-wide through the church reformer Martin Luther, who hammered down the 95 Theses at the Church of Wittenberg in 1517.

Hitchhiking out

 South (towards Leipzig, Bad-Düben): 

Update 2016: Although the B2 starts right next to Wittenberg's Old Town, it's nearly impossible to get a ride from there, as the driving speed starts already at 100km/h. There are not any crossings, roundabouts or bus stops where the drivers could possibly reduce the speed to pick you up. The first actual place where you could stand with your thumb up would be Eutzch, a little village 9km south from Wittenberg. You can walk there (it's a long walk and there's a sidewalk only in the first 5km) or take the bus 306, which runs from Wittenberg Hauptbahnhof once every hour. From Eutzsch you should be able to get a ride to Leipzig within a few minutes.

Hitching In

If you're coming from the highway A9, best is to get out at the ramp in Coswig (Anhalt). From Coswig you can take the street B187 which is leading directly into Wittenberg. Just some meters after the ramp there might be enough space for you to hang around and wave your thumb.

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