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Template:Yalta is a city in Crimea, generally considered a part of Ukraine but a part of Russia for all logistical purposes as a traveler.

Hitchhiking out

East/West towards Sevastopol Simferopol Sudak

The bus station (автовокзал/Avtovokzal) is about 200m from the main coastal highway. Numerous buses and trolleybuses go from the city to the bus station for 12 rubles (May 2017). From the station, walk north a bit up to the main road and stand in a suitable spot in your direction. This spot is best for hitchhiking east do to its location on the east side of the city, but it's also possible to hitchhike west towards Sevastopol from there. Otherwise, if heading west, you might have an easier time taking a marshrutka or bus to the northwestern part of Yalta.

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