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Flag of Germany
State: North Rhine-Westfalia
Population: 258,770 (31 Dec 2006)
Licence plate: AC
Major roads: A4, A44, A544
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Aachen is a city in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, close to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Apparently - from what Guaka heard - there is a somewhat official hitchhiking spot at Europaplatz.

Cars number plates starting with the letter AC are registered in this locality. While the Number plate noted DN are from the neighbour locality of Düren.

Hitching Out

West towards Netherlands, Belgium, East towards Köln

There is a nice gas station, Aachener Land, on the A4, not too far east of Aachen. It's good to get into the Netherlands and Belgium, and on the other side it's probably good to go anywhere in Germany. The fastest way to get there is by taking bus #52 from the Busbahnhof. It stops close to the service area. In the bus #52 there are ticket controllers higher-than-average, and you have to show your ticket to the driver when entering the bus (but mostly you can show anything looking like a ticket). If you want to avoid this, start from Europaplatz just where the cars enter the highway from the roundabout. When going to east (direction Köln), leave Aachener Land behind you. When going to west, step out at the gas station and do a little walk over the bridge nearby to cross the highway.

There are a lot of police controls around Aachen, so be sure not to bring drugs from the Netherlands to Germany, as you will probably be controlled. <map lat='50.79269814077799' lng='6.1571502685546875' zoom='12' view='0' width='400'/>

I don't like drugs and I was never checked on the border. Once in my life I had some marihuana with me, our host so kindly asked for it that I took the risk, although I did not know what kind of risk I was actually running ;)

Alternatively, towards the Netherlands from the Ponttor in Aachen walk about two kilometres up on the Roermonderstrasse. There are some petrol stations where you could find a Dutch driver. If you are going to Maastricht you could also go to the Vaalserstrasse or take a bus to Vaals. The roundabout at the west end of Vaals is a good place to hitchhike, for example. For the rest, use common sense, or practice a year and you'll be a lot more confident :) --Fverhart 12:18, 25 August 2008 (CEST)