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* [[Lienz]]
* [[Lienz]]
* [[Bregenz]]
* [[Bregenz]]
* [[Salzburg]]
* [[Villach]]
* [[Villach]]

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MrTweek hitching in Austria
Flag of Austria Austria
Language: German
Capital: Vienna
Population: 8,316,487
Currency: Euro (€)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)
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Austria is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement. It is a good country for hitchhiking. On the Motorways, you can easily “hop” from city to city. Good places are service stations.

It is surrounded by Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Italy.

People in Austria speak German, but knowledge in English might also be enough to communicate.

Hitching in Austria

Regions Cities

<map lat='47.3333' lng='13.3333' zoom='6' view='0' country='Austria' float='right'/>