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== Practical links ==
== Practical links ==
* [https://ausfahrtlinks.wordpress.com/ Austrian Hitchhiking Community]
* [https://ausfahrtlinks.wordpress.com/ Austrian Hitchhiking Infoplattform]
[[File:MrTweek.jpg|thumb|left|270px|[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitching in Austria]]
[[File:MrTweek.jpg|thumb|left|270px|[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitching in Austria]]

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Flag of Austria Austria
Language: German
Capital: Vienna
Population: 8,316,487
Currency: Euro (€)
Hitchability: <rating country='at' />
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<map lat='47.3333' lng='13.3333' zoom='6' view='0' country='Austria'/>

Austria is a member state of the European Union as well as of the Schengen Agreement. It is a good country for hitchhiking, with fabulous views of the surrounding Alps and small lakes. While hitchhiking by motorway you can easily “hop” from city to city - ramps are usually easy to get to and easy to hitch from. Good places are service stations, too.

Austria is surrounded by Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Italy - to any of these countries one can get easily by hitchhiking.

People in Austria speak German (in some parts locally also Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian) but if you are not a German speaker you won't be in big trouble since almost every Austrian speaks at least basic English.

In Austria most motorway service stations serve both directions of the motorway and there is one situated in the junction of the A9 and A1, serving all four directions! This is an overview of features of all motorway service stations along the Austrian motorways

Vehicle registration plates of Austria

XX - one or two letters which indicate the local registration office (district where the registered possessor resides). As a general rule, State capitals have one letter; other districts have two letters.

Code City, District and official vehicles Notes
A Federal officials License plate of the president of Austria A 1000.png Federal president's plate.
AM Amstetten
B Bregenz, Burgenland official
BA Bad Aussee sub-district Suspended on July 1, 2013; replaced with LI.
BB Bundesbahnen (Federal Railways) Obsolete, ÖBB vehicles now use W ∇ XXX BB plates
BD Kraftfahrlinien Bundesbus (Bus Service) Since 2008 for Postbus coaches only, until 1997 also for ÖBB coaches
BG Bundesgendarmerie (federal police) Obsolete since July 2005, when Gendarmerie and police merged
BH Bundesheer (Federal Army)
BL Bruck an der Leitha
BM Bruck-Mürzzuschlag Since 2013, Bruck an der Mur until 2012.
BN Baden
BP Bundespolizei (federal police) Since July 2005 for all new registered police cars
BR Braunau am Inn
BZ Bludenz
DL Deutschlandsberg
DO Dornbirn
E Eisenstadt Also for the city of Rust, Burgenland.
EF Eferding
EU Eisenstadt-Umgebung Eisenstadt surrounding area
FB Feldbach Suspended on July 1, 2013; replaced with SO.
FE Feldkirchen
FF Fürstenfeld Suspended on July 1, 2013; replaced with HF.
FK Feldkirch
FR Freistadt
FV Finanzverwaltung (Financial Administration) since 2005
G Graz
GB Gröbming sub-district
GD Gmünd
GF Gänserndorf
GK Consular corps in Styria
GM Gmunden
GR Grieskirchen
GS Güssing
GU Graz-Umgebung Graz surrounding area.
HA Hallein
HB Hartberg Suspended on July 1, 2013; replaced with HF.
HF Hartberg-Fürstenfeld Since July 1, 2013.
HL Hollabrunn
HO Horn
I Innsbruck
IL Innsbruck-Land Innsbruck countryside area.
IM Imst
JE Jennersdorf
JO St. Johann im Pongau
JU Judenburg Suspended on July 1, 2012; replaced with MT.
JW Justizwache (Justice police)
K Klagenfurt
KB Kitzbühel
KI Kirchdorf an der Krems
KF Knittelfeld Suspended on July 1, 2012; replaced with MT.
KK Consular corps in Carinthia
KL Klagenfurt-Land
KO Korneuburg
KR Krems-Land Krems countryside area.
KS Krems City
KU Kufstein
L Linz
LA Landeck
LB Leibnitz
LE Leoben City
LF Lilienfeld
LI Liezen
LL Linz-Land Linz countryside area.
LN Leoben (district) Leoben countryside area.
LZ Lienz
MA Mattersburg
MD Mödling
ME Melk
MI Mistelbach
MT Murtal Since July 1, 2012.
MU Murau
MZ Mürzzuschlag Suspended on July 1, 2012; replaced with BM.
N Lower Austria official
ND Neusiedl am See
NK Neunkirchen
O Upper Austria official
OP Oberpullendorf
OW Oberwart
P St. Pölten
PE Perg
PL St. Pölten-Land St. Pölten countryside area.
PT Post & Telekom Austria (national mail and phone company) Actually for postal cars only.
RA Bad Radkersburg Suspended on July 1, 2013; replaced with SO
RE Reutte
RI Ried im Innkreis
RO Rohrbach
S Salzburg City and official
SB Scheibbs
SD Schärding, Diplomatic corps in Salzburg
SE Steyr-Land Steyr countryside area.
SK Consular corps in Salzburg
SL Salzburg-Umgebung Salzburg countryside area.
SP Spittal an der Drau
SO Südoststeiermark Since July 1, 2013.
SR Steyr City
ST Styria official
SV St. Veit an der Glan
SW Schwechat City
SZ Schwaz
T Tirol official
TA Tamsweg
TD Diplomatic corps in Tirol
TK Consular corps in Tirol
TU Tulln
UU Urfahr-Umgebung
V Vorarlberg official
VB Vöcklabruck
VD Diplomatic corps in Vorarlberg
VI Villach City
VK Völkermarkt, Consular corps in Vorarlberg
VL Villach-Land Villach countryside area.
VO Voitsberg
W Vienna (Wien)
WB Wiener Neustadt-Land Wiener Neustadt countryside area
WD Diplomatic corps in Vienna
WK Consular corps in Vienna
WE Wels City
WL Wels-Land Wels countryside area
WN Wiener Neustadt City
WO Wolfsberg
WT Waidhofen an der Thaya
WU Wien-Umgebung Vienna surrounding area; will be suspended in 2017; replaced with BL, KO, PL, TU
WY Waidhofen an der Ybbs
WZ Weiz
ZE Zell am See
ZT Zwettl
ZW Zollwache (Customs officials) Obsolete since 2005 when Zollwache merged with federal police

Border crossings

From Germany

If you're coming from Germany and plan to come to / pass by Autria, There are two main points to cross the border : Passau and Salzburg

Regions Cities

Practical links

MrTweek hitching in Austria