BlaBla Strategy

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Gone are the days of fully analogic hitch hiking.

These days dreams of on the road digital connectivity have become real.

This means we can blabla ( allusion to some ride sharing app ) our way out of any knot, of any place we would end up stranded for all too many hours.

One might call this the "BlaBla Multimodal Strategy"

Using ridesharing to patch shorter distances to further empower longer distances hitch hiking.

It might still be challenging at times to find last minute ride shares, yet worth the try when ending up stuck, as to get back on a highway petrol station, or overcome a dense highway knot ( or a megalopolis ) to end up on a road / petrol station that has somewhat more unidirectional traffic and continue one's journey.

One might even find free peer to peer ridesharing apps or sites to help one out

or a variety of more mainstream commercial apps, depending on the region one is in.

If traveling moneyless, or without smartphone, this strategy becomes more challenging. But could still be done if prepared ahead, with a driver one gets along with before a predictable knot, if this driver is willing to enable you to use their smartphone for such logistics and eventually help paying for it if one doesn't manage to communicate with friends online to do so.

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