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Flag of Romania
County: Ilfov
Population: 1,931,838 (July 2007)
Major roads: A1, A2, A3
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Bucharest (Romanian: Bucureşti) is the capital of Romania.

Hitching Out

West towards Sibiu, Serbia, Belgrade

Get the metro to Pacii (note the metro is a bit crazy - if you're not careful the trains change lines without warning and you can end up at Gare Du Nord again!). From Pacii you have to find the main road going west, and go to the first bus stop. Get the first bus that says Carrefour and go all the way to Carrefour shopping centre, this is the start of the motorway. There's a part where the fence is broken and you can access the motorway here - it's actually a very good spot to hitch, since traffic coming from the big shopping centre stops here.

South towards Sofia, Bulgaria

Take the M2 metro in direction of IMGB. Get off at Eroi Revolutie and look for the City Mall, walk towards it and you will see that the road forks. Take the right fork, the road will be called Giurgiului. Just after the city mall, there's a tram ticket office. Get a ticket (1.7 Lei as of September 2008), and walk a bit more on the road to get to the tram stop. It's right in the middle of the road. Take tram #25 to the last stop. It stops directly before the city of Jilava, so from there you can easily catch a ride towards the border of Bulgaria.

North, East towards Slobozia, Constanţa (Black Sea Coast) and Danube Delta

Take the metro to Obor Square (Piatza Obor). From Obor ask someone te show you the direction to Europa/Dragonul Roshu (Red Dragon - Bucharest Chinatown) or take the tram #21 to the same direction. After two stops you'll see an agricultural plane in the middle of intersection and you know you're in right direction. From the end of the line walk on same direction until you're on the bridge. It is advisable to have a cardboard with your destination. From this point you'll go to Urziceni (where you'll find an alternative route to Ploiesti and Prahova Valley), [[Slobozia||, Ţăndărei/Chirana (a crossroad 10 km from town, routes to Brăila/Galaţi and Tulcea), Hârşova (routes to Tulcea/Danube Delta and Constanţa).

Romanian cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants

> 1.000.000: Bucureşti

300.000–500.000: Cluj-NapocaConstanţaIaşiTimişoara

100.000–300.000: AradBacăuBaia MareBotoşaniBrăilaBraşovBuzăuCraiovaDrobeta-Turnu SeverinGalaţiOradeaPiatra-NeamţPiteştiPloieştiRâmnicu VâlceaSatu MareSibiuSuceavaTârgu Mureş