Changes in Polish motorways and expressways network

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In Poland there is a lot of investments in the road network. It means you can expect many changes in the next couple of years. Now you can see up-to-date information about motorways and expressways in Poland on Google Maps. The website address is

It looks like that:

Website about motorways and expressways in Poland

Here's the translation of the legend:

istniejące - existing ones
w budowie - under construction
partnerstwo publiczno-prywatne - contracted in public-private partnership
przetarg - tender negotiations
przetarg "zaprojektuj i zbuduj" - tender "make a project and build" (the same company makes a project and builds the road to minimise the time)
decyzja środowiskowa - awaiting for the environmental impact statement
planowane - planned

A - motorway
S(2x2) - expressway with two lanes in each direction
S(1x2) - expressway with one lane in each direction (second one to be built in future)