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Cheboksary (Russian: Чебоксары; Chuvash: Шупашкар, Shupashkar) is a city on the Volga river in Russia, capital of the Chuvash Republic.

Чебоксары / Шупашкар
<map lat='56.13' lng='47.2' zoom='10' />
Flag of Russia
Flag of Chuvashia.svg
Population: 468,725
Licence plate: 21
Major roads: M7
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Hitching in and around

Hitchhiking around Cheboksary is pretty easy, coming from the west there's a good spot behind the DPS station & crossing at the beginning of town. Note: Within the village of Kugesi it's pretty hard to hitchhike along the M7 motorway, better walk out of town here until the motorway junction (if going east).

Hitching out

South toward Saransk through Shumerlya, Alatyr, Ardatov, road 97K-001

First of all don't afraid this road after looking in the map. The condition and traffic is good. 1)Bus 14 (17 rubles, every one hour) till last stop village Karachury (деревня Карачуры). Then walk about 3 km.

2)Bus 158 from the bus station (пригородный автовокзал). If you are standing in front of railway station, this bus station on the left side. On the right side there is another one, but we need that one is on the left. Every 20 min from 7:00-21:30, 29 rubles, till bus stop Gor'kovskiy povorot (Горьковский поворот). Position is really great, cars are slow.

North toward Yoshkar-Ola

Take trolleybus 3, 6, 8 or 16 to the DPS (traffic police) station on the road Marposadky šosse (Марпосадском шоссе), which is after the tractor factory. You can hitchhike straight from the stop.

East to Kazan and Ufa
+ West to Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow (M7)

Take a marshrutka from the suburban bus station next to the train station (not the long-distance bus station across the tracks) to the stop Kugesi. The bus stop is on the M7.

If going west, it is best to walk back in the direction the marshrutka came from and cross to the other side of the intersection to Cheboksary, thus avoiding Cheboksary-bound traffic. For hitchhikers with the destination Moscow, there is sufficient traffic going straight there that it is wise to turn down rides only to Nizhny Novgorod.

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