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Chisinau is the main city, therefor is also the most important comunications center: roads, railways, and aerian transport. If you are travelling in/through Moldova, dont loose the chance to visit it. Anyway you will pass it in your way even going from N to S, E to W, Romania to Ucraina and back.

Hitchhiking tips:

from Chisinau:

- if you are going to the south, to Hincesti, Cimislia, Cahul, Comrat, the best option for you is to go to the "Gara Auto de Sud-Vest" (South West Bus Station), were from all the buses to the South West are leaving. The bus station is located not far from televiosion bulding and antena (you can see antena allmost from everypoint of the city). Currently you can reach bus station by taking: 
  • trolleybuses Nr.9 and 17, they have a stop directly in the front o bus station.
  • minibuses Nr. 180, 124, 117, 109, 192, they dont have a stop there, but you can ask the driver to stop at bus station (in Romania will be: opritzi va rog la Gara de SUD -please stop at the bus Station).
  • Bus nr.11 (but it doesnot go so often as trolleybuses and minibuses)

The hitchhiking place is right at the trolleybus station, (in the front of Bus station) there are usually people there who try to hitch a car. Please be patient, the road you are stayng is the main road which goes to the south, so there are many cars going to that direction.