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Chişinău (Russian: Кишинёв, English: Chisinau) is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, therefore it is also the most important transportation center: roads, railways, and aerial transport. If you are traveling in/through Moldova, don't miss it.

Hitching Out

South, towards Hîncești, Cimișlia, Cahul, Comrat, Leușeni

The best way is to go to the "Gara Auto de Sud-Vest" (Southwest Bus Station), were from all the buses to the Southwest depart. The bus station is located not far from a television building and antenna (you can see the antenna from almost every point in the city). Currently you can reach bus station by taking:

  • trolleybuses Nr.9 and 17, they have a stop directly in the front of the bus station.
  • minibuses Nr. 180, 124, 117, 109, 192, they don't have a stop there, but you can ask the driver to stop at bus station (Romanian: opritzi va rog la Gara de SUD. "please stop at the bus station").
  • Bus Nr.11 (but it does not go as often as trolleybuses and minibuses)

The hitchhiking place is right at the trolleybus station, in the front of bus station. There are usually people there trying to get a ride. Be patient; this road is the main road to the south, so many cars are going in that direction.

South-East towards Odessa

Odessa is relative close to Chisinau and quite easy to hitchhike to. Being a major seaport at the Black Sea Odessa offers a lot of opportunities to travel. The way from Chisinau to Odessa by hitchhike can be faster than the same route by bus. In order to reach Odessa you have to go in the direction of the Chisinau Airport, keep in mind that the airport is located at a distance from the city, the fastest way to reach it is by minibus Nr. 165, which will leave you exactly at the airport gates. From the airport next step is to reach the road which is not far from the airport, and to try to hitchhike something from there. You may also meat there some local people who will be also trying to catch a car to bring them to their house. If you will try to catch a car immediatelly at the edge of the city you will be, most probably, unsuccesefully - since between the airport and the city quite a few villages are located. After the airport are more chances that the cars a going to Odessa, especially the trucks.

North towards Bălți, Orhei