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Dijon is a city in the Bourgogne region,France.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='47.3166667' lng='5.0166667' zoom='11' view='3' float='right' />

West: Paris (A38)

To get to A38 road west in the direction of Paris, take bus #30 out of the town, pass the lake on your left and get out on a stop called Vaux Bruns. You'll see a wide road to your left with plenty of place for cars to stop.

Towards Troyes or Nancy (A31)

In order to get to A31 we took Rue de Sully which is in the eastern part of Dijon right besides the Universite de Burgogne, Walk along the university buildings some 200 metres in the direction which leads out of the city towards east,there is a good spot for hitchhiking.

There is an on-ramp to the motorway A31 where almost all the cars go up the ramp heading towards Nancy, although some do also head south towards Lyon. To get there take bus #10 to the stop Boulevard de Chicago (right near the end of the route). Once you get off the bus, go that big intersection to your left, and follow the sign that says Toutes directions, and there you'll see where there is lots of room for cars to pull over near the traffic lights.

East/South: Lyon, Besancon, Freiburg (A31,A39,A36)

To leave the city into one of this directions you may use the crossroad at Rue de Neuilly to get a lift to the first peáge on the motorway which you want to use.

To get there, take bus no. B12 in direction Chicago. Get off at Zipfel and you are right in front of the motorway ramp.