El Paso (Texas)

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El Paso is a town in Texas right next to the Mexican Border and at the border to the state of New Mexico. It's generally a pain to leave the city as it's close to the border, its rough climate conditions, the poverty of the area. The bad reputation fior drugs and violence of Ciudad Juarez, the city on the Mexican side of the border doesn't improve the odds as well.

Hitchhiking out

West on Highway 10

Take a bus from Downtown to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The bus drops you off at a gas station right on the 10. From there more people are willing to pick you up. Las Cruces also is home to a train depot

East on Highway 10

Take the bus going to Horizon and ask the driver to be dropped of at the intersection Horizon Ave / Highway 10. Around the intersection are three gas stations with lots of trucks going east. Take care to look like a regular guy and the personal of the gas stations won't bother you. Alternatively you can use a sign next to the on-ramp.