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<map lat="49.47593" lng="10.98856" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 114,240 (01 Sep 2007)
Licence plate:
Major roads: A 73
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Fürth is a city in Bavaria, located just 7 km west of Nürnberg.

Hitchhiking out

A3 direction Würzburg - West & North

There's a service station called "Aurach" on the A3 between Erlangen and Herzogenaurach. From Fürth you can take a local train or S-Bahn to Erlangen train station, from there on take Bus 287 direction "Westfriedhof" - exit at last but one stop ("Sankt Michael" in Steudach). From there you can easily walk in 10-15 minutes to the gas station (check the map on the right).

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