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* a: check Youth in Action grants
* a: check Youth in Action grants
=== Message for BW forum ===
=== Communication ===
[http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s9424 Wanted: 3 EVS volunteers to help organizing a big hospitality event in central France]
* BW forum: [http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s9424 Wanted: 3 EVS volunteers to help organizing a big hospitality event in central France]
* FB hitchgathering group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hitchgathering/permalink/748432155170353/
== Who ==
== Who ==

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Festival Débranché, 2012

Forêt-Belleville literally means Forest Beautiful Village, it's situated in the center of France and apart from woods there are also lakes.

We want to organize a big hospitality and sharing event in July 2014.


  • Julien: combien de personnes pourrait-on héberger dans la prairie?
  • les 3: prendre rendez-vous, pour voir les étapes suivantes concernantes EVS
  • a: check Youth in Action grants




Please join the BW group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1710

On festival: 500 curious, excited hippies and punks


  • November: call for 3 EVS volunteers
  • January: enter EVS applications
  • how much time for application to be approved?
  • July: event

Monday 14th of July is national holiday long weekend from Friday 11th till Tuesday 15th? people can come earlier and help set up leave later and help wrap up Festival Débranché the 14th of July (no nuclear power)


20 hectare http://goo.gl/maps/UjyxR

  • max 500 people
  • water and electricity can be provided
  • probably no showers
  • dry toilets

La limite du grand évènement dépend si on utilise nos sanitaires ou si on monte des WC sèches. Il y a 17 Ha de terrain, 2 cabanes en bois et plusieurs espaces de camping plus ou moins éloigné du point d'eau (un espace à 100m, un autre à 200 et 300 m, un a 800 et un autre à 1200 m.).



  • on BW (which implies new people will sign up)
  • encourage trains, ride shares and couple hitchhiking, discourage flying

(one volunteer could try contacting SNCF for discount)

VASI Jeunes

  • based in Foret Belleville, Creuse, France
  • Can host 3 EVS volunteers, between 2 and 12 months

EVS volunteers

  • from EU or aspiring EU members, except France
  • 100 euro per month
  • food, lodging and travel to France is covered
  • Call for volunteers on BW and HW


  • BW (also main event registration)
  • hitchwiki
  • hitchgathering
  • trashwiki
  • everyone is free to advertise the event elsewhere

pictures of Foret Belleville, la Creuse and also of Monnai 2005 Festival Débranché


  • possibly BW/BeActive money
  • ask for donations during festival, if money remains BW can be paid back
  • Youth in Action, 5k? need more info
  • other grants?


workshops: sharing, traveling, ecology, ..

music: concerts

  • festival with regional bands
  • giant jam session (people should bring instruments)


  • visiting the lake



des volontaires non-EVS. C'est tout a fait possible, il faut en discuter.

It might be possible to also have other volunteers around, e.g. to work on BW, but the internet is really not good.

Pre/Post Gatherings

Organize smaller gatherings on route, in geographical circles around the location:

  • UK, Hamburg, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Bilbao, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium
  • Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes