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Forêt-Belleville is a little village in the center of France surrounded by forests and lakes.

We want to organize a big hospitality and sharing event in July 2014.


  • a+g: post on BW forum
  • Julien: combien de personnes pourrait-on héberger dans la prairie?
  • a: check Youth in Action grants

Message for BW forum

Wanted: 3 EVS volunteers to help organizing a big hospitality event in central France

We are planning a big hospitality event in the center of France, inspired by Monnai 2005 and the culture around Hitchgathering. 5 days of sharing, encounters, creativity, workshops, music, art, dancing and forest. We have a potential location for up to 500 people and a host organization, VASI Jeunes, that can also host 3 European Voluntary Service volunteers that can organize most of the practicalities. We have done the initial research, in which you are free to participate at

The deadline for the EVS application is early January, so we want to find 3 volunteers. As a volunteer you will be fed and lodged by a nice organization in a beautiful village and you will get 100 euro per month stipend. Here are the conditions:


  • 18–30 years old
  • available from early next year (flexible) until July 2014
  • from the EU (but not France) or from an EU accession country, which includes e.g. Turkey and Serbia

Nice to have:

  • experience with organizing events
  • ability to live in a rural environment for at least 3 months (nearest city Limoges is one hour away)
  • ability to function well in a team, social and sociable,
  • affinity with self-managed projects, do-ocracy, adhocracy
  • affinity with ecological projects
  • affinity with travelling and hosting travellers
  • a profile on BeWelcome, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki
  • basic knowledge of French

Read more about EVS volunteering here:

We don't need or expect big CV's, if you're interested in taking up on this EVS offer you can join the group we created for organizing the event and post a message there:

You can also contact or me with applications and questions.


guaka abyssin vasijeunes (please join)


  • November: call for 3 EVS volunteers
  • January: enter EVS applications
  • how much time for application to be approved
  • July: event

Monday 14th of July is nationaly holiday long weekend from Friday 11th till Tuesday 15th? people can come earlier and help set up leave later and help wrap up Festival Débranché the 14th of July (no nuclear power)

Where 20 hectare max 500 people water and electricity can be provided probably no showers



  • on BW (which implies new people will sign up)
  • encourage trains, ride shares and couple hitchhiking, discourage flying

(one volunteer could try contacting SNCF for discount)

VASI Jeunes

  • based in Foret Belleville, Creuse, France
  • Can host 3 EVS volunteers, between 2 and 12 months

EVS volunteers

  • from EU or aspiring EU members, except France
  • 100 euro per month
  • food, lodging and travel to France is covered
  • Call for volunteers on BW and HW


  • BW (also main event registration)
  • hitchwiki
  • hitchgathering
  • trashwiki
  • everyone is free to advertise the event elsewhere

pictures of Foret Belleville, la Creuse and also of Monnai 2005 Festival Débranché


  • possibly BW/BeActive money
  • ask for donations during festival, if money remains BW can be paid back
  • Youth in Action, 5k? need more info
  • other grants?


workshops: sharing, traveling, ecology, ..

music: concerts

  • festival with regional bands
  • giant jam session (people should bring instruments)


  • visiting the lake