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Göreme is a city in Turkey. It's the most central point from which to discover the Cappadocia area. There are tons of hostels and hotels and most of them boast cave-rooms.

Hitching out


When heading to either Ankara, Konya or Adana, it's best to hitch to Nevşehir first. Just walk to the western bit of town, and start hitching on a free patch of road.


When heading to the east of Turkey from Cappadocia, you'll have to head for Kayseri first. Stand along the road that heads north out of town, towards Avanos. In Avanos, you can get on the D300 towards Kayseri.

Accommodation and Sleep

It's definitely possible to camp outside of Göreme. Just remember that the rock-formations and hills of Cappadocia are protected as a natural park, so avoid sleeping too close to the town. If you're lucky, you might even find an abandoned cave or rock-house. Just make sure to leave it intact and clean.

Other useful info