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* [[Hitchgathering/North-America|North American Gathering 2011]]
* [[Hitchgathering/North-America|North American Gathering 2011]]
* [[Hitchgathering/2011|5-8-11]] in [[Kara Dere]], [[Bulgaria]] on August 5 2011
* [[Hitchgathering/2011|5-8-11]] in [[Kara Dere]], [[Bulgaria]] on August 5 2011
* Hitchgathering 4-8-12 was held in Lithuania.
* [[Hitchgathering/2012|Hitchgathering 4-8-12]] was held in [[Lithuania]]
* Hitchgathering 5-8-13 was held in Slovakia.
* [[Hitchgathering/2013|Hitchgathering 5-8-13]] was held in [[Slovakia]].
=== Future events ===
=== Future events ===

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Hitchgathering is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008. 2014 will also see the first Oceanian Hitchgathering.

Organizing the event


  • The location is not far from the village but is appart and people are cool with us camping there. There are not many people living there and most of the houses are abandoned.
  • The place should be enough for 100+ people and as I said above is appart from the houses.
  • The place has a owner but I asked the barmen there to talk to the owner of the place and he confirmed .
  • There is running water nearb to clean and cook and since the place is not far from the village is very easy to find drinking water everywhere.
  • I think we can save some hidden place to dig shitpits.
  • It was an olive field.
  • No dumpsters nearby (at least no dumpsters from where we can find sth to eat) but buying vegetables from the locals is not expensive.


Early August, typically at first weekend. People will arrive some days earlier and many stay for like 1-2 weeks. New people keep coming and going during these two weeks. Festival sort of fades in and fades out, most busiest days having over 100 people at once.

Each year somebody suggests if the main event could be moved to June/July. Each time we come again to same conclusion: early August is the most optimal for all the students/working people to have a hitching trip. There will be smaller pre- and post-gatherings happening all the summer.

Past events

Future events

  • 2014 North American Hitchgathering Location Voting in Progress here.
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