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The 2013 edition of Hitchgathering takes place on 5 August 2013 (5-8-13) and continues approximately for a week or as long as people want to stay together. Post here your location proposals.

Location Proposals

Example location

Write an overview here. Include exact location with coordinates (e.g. 42.892231,27.899687)

Include pictures if you want.

SeedCamp / Organizers

Team of people who are ready to travel in this location and take responsibility on the ground before others arrive:

  • Name | contact details | special contribution/interests


  • List the good sides that speak for arranging the Hitchgathering in this location


  • List the hindrances for organizing the gathering here


  • Other people can comment in this section

Things to do after the location is decided

In deciding the location, forget about democracy. If the location sounds good to most people and there are willing organizers, go for it! The earlier we know the location the better.


City, country

Other meetings, events

Make a map. Example from last year: see map.

To Do

  • Tell your friends
  • Tell hitchhikers you meet on the road
  • Write cardboards with hitchgathering.org, the place and date (and maybe more) and place them at popular hitchhiking spots ... be creative and use your colorful markers!
  • Draw your own flyers :)
  • Spread the word around hitchhiking clubs and websites in your country/your language
  • Post on your hitchhiking / travel / nomad blog or website about the gathering
  • Tell your favorite hitchhiking / travel / nomad blog author to write about it
  • Organize a pre-meeting (can be early like May/June/July to raise attention and connect people)
  • Translate a ready-made article in your local language and offer it to newspapers


Website work

Ready made articles

Find in the link below some material to help you talk to the media entities and stuff like that.

Media talk

Old articles



Suggest in the forum.


Things to do:




  • Suggest where to go after the Hitchgathering

City, country

Photos from last year's gathering in Lithuania