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2-8-14 is the seventh edition of the annual European Hitchhiking Gathering. As always, first ideas about locations already popped up on the last gathering, the novelty being that this year they are already well scouted. One of the spots is Kvalvika beach in the lofoten, Norway, the other one a beach full of abandoned hotels in Croatia. Since these spots differ a lot from each other, and henceforth would host quite different gatherings, we could have a double gathering, with two maingatherings following each other instead of one maingathering with some small pre- and postgatherings. There would be one romantic epic adventurous gathering up in the very north around solstice, and then one relaxing lazy easy going gathering on the beach at the usual date.

Hitchgathering 2014 - Part I: Kvalvika Beach, 21.6.


Kvalvika Beach (coordinates 68.072287,13.082525), closest village is Fredvang, last hitchable spot (coordinates 68.068465,13.129642) is 5.5km away from the main road (E10) of the Lofoten archipelago


remote lonely beach on the lofoten archipelago, northern norway. the central date of the gathering would be the 21st of June, Summer Solstice, so "official" starting date could be 4 or 5 days earlier, and at least a week earlier to start preparations.

what´s there?

sand beach, turquois water, a bay sorrounded by steep cliffs, wide green fields, no trees, some fresh water springs, a little pond which gets warm enough to take a short bath, a hobbit hut, lots of driftwood, no human company, abundant dumpsters in day-trip distance, no darkness and an undistorted view on the midnight sun, since the bay opens toward the north with nothing but the ocean between the bay and the horizon. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb_YFd2GzhM and http://www.68north.com/outdoors/hiking-kvalvika-beach/ for impressions.


considering its latitude, the climate is really mild. during the gathering, likely temperatures will be between 5° and 25°, and it´s also the least rainy time of the year (which still doesn´t mean rain and storms are unlikely). Since it´s directly on the coast and cut off by mountains from any forest, there wont be a problem with mosquitoes either.




extremely remote and not in a very hitchhiking friendly country (though the lofoten itself are an exception to the rest of norway, also locals use it as a common way of transport). also there´s one almost unavoidable and unhitchable ferry (cheapest option is skarberget - bognes (http://www.thn.no/english/default.aspx) for 35NOK/4,50€ and not necessary if you come from the north through sweden and finland. ferries in norway are also not impossible to sneak on)


long distance to get supplies, with an unavoidable mountain hike. really expensive for people that are into buying stuff.


though the climate is mild considering the latitude, it´s still not very hospitable: cold, rain and wind will have to be dealt with.


all of the above

everything said above can be seen as a point in favor of this spot. it will attract adventurous and active people who will have the most epic and romantic hitchgathering ever.


wild camping is legal throughout all of norway, and very much so on this remote beach.


even though they are not close, there´s lots of abundant dumpsters everywhere in norway. per 50 people and we would need probably two people going on a daylong dumpster hunt, with safe revenue. thanks to driftwood, there´s enough wood to make big fires (it needs chopping up though, since most of it comes in big tree trunks)

the hobbit hut

some years ago, two surfers lived throughout one winter (9 months) on the beach and built a hut out of driftwood. the hut is open for everyone to use and contains a stove, so there´s always a dry place for cooking.

how to manage the gathering

instead of collecting monetary donations (which are not worth much there), it would be better if every person brang some kilos of supplies from outside of scandinavia (especially rice/pasta/lentils and other dry staples). if people want to drink alcohol, probably the best option would be to get pure drinkable spiritus for example in poland and dilute it on spot with water and mix with lemonade powder. unused tarps are easy to find in norway and can be collected and set up beforehand. everyday some people would need to hitch out to dumpsterdive (which should also already be done on the way). also people will have to coordinate themselves beforehand to make sure everyone has some space in a tent (also it would be good if some big tents are around, so that no one has to wait out a storm alone in a one person tent).

Hitchgathering 2014 - Part II: Croatia, 2.8.

patrick wants to add this part once he has time in september. for now google "abandoned hotels croatia" or "kupari"