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Adding a new page at Hitchwiki is easy. You can create a link to not yet existing pages in relevant articles (such as country or region articles) by adding square brackets around the name of the place, such as [[Name of the Place]].

You don't need to worry about formatting or spelling. Quite a few people regularly check Hitchwiki's most recent changes at least once a week and they'll be very happy to see you new addition - and they will consequently edit and make it look more like other articles on Hitchwiki.

There is however some standard to style new articles, like using an infobox for cities. See Frankfurt am Main for an example, or just copy the following:

'''City''' is a [small|big] city in [[Country]].

{{Infobox Location
|country = 
|map = <map lat='50.11' lng='8.68' zoom='10' view='3' />
|state = 
|pop = 
|plate = 
|motorways = 
|BW = 

== Hitching in ==

== Hitching out ==

== More info ==


Same goes for countries, like Turkey:

{{Infobox Country
|country = Turkey
|language = Turkish
|map = <map lat='39.29' lng='35' zoom='5' view='0' width='450' height='250' country='Turkey'/>
|capital = [[Ankara]]
|pop = 71,158,647
|currency = New Turkish Lira (TRY)
|hitch = <rating country='tr' />
|hitchbase = 196
|avp = turkey
|BW = TR
'''Country'' 'is an hitchhiking-[un]friendly country ...

== Safety ==
== Climate ==
== Regions and Hitchability ==
== Cities and License plates ==
== Personal experiences ==
== Useful links ==


{{IsIn|Western Asia}}

<!-- Language links -->

If you have info on food, accommodation, internet access or interesting places, consider adding them to Nomadwiki.