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Hitchwiki now accepts donations in Bitcoins and other currencies. Here's a list of addresses:

BTC: 1DYc4v98AmQMrXyhsoXUnY2koqD4UKehkK LTC: LTRoWo1NmSn8CNRTk7No82QmDsJZZk5Nqk

Some more obscure coins:

FRC: 1KMmztxmph2Cr3yWxzEivCDEZAfdCKrDJ7 PPC: PX1XgjcGGVQVUhqtJMJJcbKN88RmbJYzZa XPM: APC79uL2ckUxyVU1qQnDmTZCxbU4Um21Qj

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