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Nuvola apps bookcase.png Contents

overview of topics - scheme of categories - alphabetical index

Applications-office.png Contribute

Help articles - To-Do lists of several articles - How to participate

Nuvola apps kcmsystem.png Administration

Database dumps - Articles that could be deleted - Special pages

Forum.png Contact

Contact address - Multilingual coordination for different language versions - Hitchwiki Community: connect with other hitchhikers

Internet Relay Chat: #hitchhiking on EFnet - waiting times can easily exceed 1 hour

Community Portal discussion archives

Hitchwiki:Community Portal/2005-2006 - Hitchwiki:Community Portal/2007 - Hitchwiki:Community Portal/2008 - Hitchwiki:Community Portal/2009-2012

Leave your comments and questions below.

Testers wanted for Android app

I'm working on a script to convert MediaWiki dumps into an app. There's now an Android app for Hitchwiki. It's really alpha and not very usable yet. Your bug request and feature requests are very welcome. guaka (talk) 21:39, 14 March 2013 (CET)