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Hitchwiki:How to participate

Hitchwiki loves participation. Every hitchhiker can contribute. Don't know how? It's easy!

  1. Create an account and describe yourself and your hitchhiking activity - and edit articles while you're logged in.
  2. Add your knowledge to Hitchwiki. Just click edit (even on this page!) or create a new page. Don't worry about formatting or layout. There are a lot of keen eyes watching around and fixing stuff.
  3. Please avoid writing in first person. Instead share personal experiences in a section dedicated to yourself and/or in third person linking to your user page (like Iran#Personal experiences). See also this thread and community portal.
  4. Upload pictures - or add pictures from Wikimedia Commons.
  5. Improve the spelling, fix typos, other to dos
  6. Spread the word - Hitchwiki helped you on your hitchhiking trips, other hitchhikers might not be aware of the project yet - or people might even have never hitchhiked before and Hitchwiki can help them get on the road.
    • Link to - from your blog, from Facebook, from Twitter, from anywhere.
    • Mention Hitchwiki when you get interviewed as a hitchhiker.
  7. Discuss ideas, propose suggestions for improvements