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Application category:

  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Open Knowledge

Please explain shortly how the initiative meets at least two of the OuiShare Awards selection criteria: 1. Community Power, 2. Commons, 3. Social Impact, 4. Business Model, 5. Replicability *

  1. Hitchwiki is created by hitchhikers across the world, no one was paid. It's enabling hitchhikers to move around much easier thanks to knowledge.
  2. Hitchwiki has over 3000 pages in English, and there are other languages as well. It's all licensed under the CC-BY-SA creative commons license. Software has been developed that is available under free software licenses, http://github.com/hitchwiki
  3. Hitchhiking is a great way to create social connections.
  4. Hitchwiki is a no budget project. The minimal costs (domain name and server) are covered by myself and friends.
  5. We've also started Trashwiki.org in 2008, for dumpster diving, and Nomadwiki.org in 2013, for low budget travel.