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Arczi hitching in Hungary

Hitchhiking seems to be quite easy in Hungary. Especially in rural areas people are very friendly and helpful.

Even on roads with almost no traffic you can get a ride in a reasonable time.

Some people speak English, some more speak German, but outside big cities, most people speak none of it.

License plates

In Hungary license plates does not contain any marking about where the car comes from or goes to. A normal one has three black letters and three black numbers on white background. Usually police cars' starts with RB. Taxis's background is yellow.




  • Hitchhiking - stoppolás, stop [shtopolash, shtop]
  • High-way - autópálya [autopaya]
  • Petrol station - benzinkút [benzeenkut]
  • Ring road - körgyűrű [koerdyuru]
  • Map - térkép
  • Bus stop - buszmegálló [bus-megh-allo]


  • Hello - hello, szia [seeya]
  • Good day - jó napot [yo napot]
  • Good morning - jó reggelt [yo reghelt]
  • Good evening - jó estét [yo eshtet]
  • Goodbye - viszlát [whislat]
  • Bye - viszlát, hello
  • Thank you - köszönöm [koesoenoem]
  • Thanks - köszi [koesi]


  • From - -ból, -ből [at the end of a word, like Londonból.]
  • Towards - felé [eg. Budapest felé]
  • Through - keresztül -on, -en, ön [eg. keresztül Pécsen, keresztül Győrön] or át -on, -en, -ön [eg. át Budapesten]
  • (To the) left - bal(ra) [bal(ra)]
  • (To the) right - jobb(ra) [yobb(ra)]
  • Straignt on - egyenesen (edyeneshen)
  • Where are you going to? - Merre mész? [Merre mes?]
  • I'm travelling to ... - ... felé megyek. [... fele medyek]
  • Please, stop here - Állj meg itt, légyszi
  • A bit further - Kicsit előrébb [kitcheet eloerebb]