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Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Capital: Jakarta
Population: 234,693,997
Currency: Rupiah (IDR)
Hitchability: from Average.png (average) to Verygood.png (very good)
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<map lat='-2.1088986592431254' lng='113.73046875' zoom='4' view='0' float='right' />

Hitchhiking is a pretty much unknown concept in Indonesia, and it might be hard to get a free ride at times. Despite all that, hitchhiking on islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali and Borneo might go very smoothly: on Java, according to those few hitchhikers who went there, you hardly wait ten minutes before you get a ride. Traffic is very slow though, and if you want to cross the whole country and get a full picture of Indonesia, it is not convenient to take a mere 1 month visa.

Getting a free ferry ride is also possible at least through a practice of hiding behind the truck seat. In fact, trucks are allowed to take 2 (3?) people for free onto a ferry - so you might be either one of the guys going for free, or one of the extra-passengers; in latter case you should rather hide behind the seat, and once you are on a ferry, relax - no one wants to see the ticket later on.

Most used harbors on Java island are Jakarta's Tanjung Priok and Surabaja's (goes to Borneo, 20h). The passenger ticket for the ferry Java-Bali is half a dollar a price, so you might as well skip hitchhiking there.


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