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Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey, partly in Europe and partly in Asia.

In many parts in Europe you can find Turkish truckers, who might be heading to Istanbul. Watch out for Turkish number plates beginning with 34, the city code for Istanbul.

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Hitching Out

The Taksım Square in the center of the European part of Istanbul is chosen as a starting point for the upcoming description due to the fact that there the most bus lines of the European side start and end.

Northwest towards Edirne and Bulgaria

Get into the Metro at Taksım square and take a train to 4.Levent. This is currently the last station of the Istanbul metro. One ticket costs 1,30 YTL (~0,65 Euro). At 4.Levent get out of the Metro. You will find yourself along the Büyükdere Caddesi street. Walk along the mainstreet direction north (watch out for big signs that are leading drivers to the highway to Edirne. After 15min and passing a military camp, you'll see the ramp to the highway. Unfortunately, there is no way to cross the street from right to left then by attemping suicide, because the mainstreet is mostly full of fast traffic. If you are not brave enough to do so, walk another 10min further and cross the street over a bridge and walk back the way along the other side. Go somewhat down the ramp and you can find a good spot to stand and stop cars. Also try to get short lifts (even some kilometers can help in Istanbul). A few kilometers further on the highway, there is a toll booth where you can easily catch rides (the breadsellers might help you get a lift to your preferred destination).

Eastwards towards Ankara

Get on the 111, 112 or 200 and stay on the bus almost all the way to the last stop (get off approximately two or three stops before). You are now located a little bit south of the E80/O4 heading East towards Ankara. You will need to walk a little bit northwards in order to reach a ramp. There is a bus stop on the on-ramp. You can hitch out from there unto the E80/O4 going East. Most people who will take you might just drive for another 10km or so. There are lots of gas stations on the way in this giant suburbian maze but chances are only local people stop there. You will have to go for about nearly 20 or 30 km untill you will actually be out of the Istanbul metropolis. There is a gas station exactly 9km before Ismad where you can be dropped off. This is a great place to catch direct rides to almost any part of the country. User:Garthelgard got offered rides to []Georgia]] and the Syrian border from that gas station.