Katja and Augustas

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Katja and Augustas while hitchhiking in Cuba.

Katja Lachmann and Augustas Kligys are two hitch-hikers who started their hitchhiking journey through (not around!) the world on January 13, 2006.

They hitchhiked whole Central America, got a boat ride from Mexico to Cuba on a trimaran and from Cuba to Panama on a sailing vessel, hitched through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, got a plane ride in Peru and visited Chile and Argentina. Since the end of October 2008 they are (temporarily) back in Europe.

Katja and Augustas made hitchhiking and living on the road their personal lifestyle. They are unlimited in time and work along the way. Time to time they make couple-of-months stops in different countries, where they enjoy other style of living: 5 months in Belize, 5 months in Ecuador, and currently they are planing to stay in Europe till mid 2009. There are no further plans - only dreams to discover people in the countries they have not been yet.

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