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'''{{Khartoum}}''' is a city in [[Country]].  
''Khartoum'' is a city in [[Sudan]].  
== Hitching out ==
== Hitching out ==

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Khartoum is a city in Sudan.

Hitching out

North towards Wadi Halfa

Take any of the minibuses that head north towards El Droshab. From here it is very easy to flag down rides heading out of the city. Don't use a sign. You will come to a police check-point as you head out, and if you are polite and friendly, they will normally find you a vehicle to hop in.

Places to avoid

Khartoum is infact a very safe city, and the locals are helpful if you ask. It would be best to avoid being near military and government buildings, and take no pictures of these either.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are places to camp down by the river, and a very cool place would be near the confluence of the two Niles. You can take a bus out here. People will be curious, but rarely give you problems.

You might also try and find a roof to sleep on. Often apartment buildings are open to go into, and there is always a nice spot on a roof in the cool of the night.

Other useful info

A great Couchsurfing community to boot. If you are heading South towards Ethiopia, many buses depart to Al Qadarif. These are cheap, have AC and make stops for food.