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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, one of the smallest and nicest capitals in Europe.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchiking out of Ljubljana is relatively easy, in all directions, Standing on the Autostrada (Slovenian: Avtocesta, abbr. AC on road signs) on-ramp.

Northeast towards Maribor, Graz, Vienna (Austria), Hungary

From the main street, west of the train station (Slovenska cesta, Dunajska cesta), take buses 6, 8 or 11 in direction north. Get off at the stop "Smelt", at the "World Trade Center" tower. Walk further on towards the motorway, then right after the fountain. You will see the road forking, the left lane going down to the motorway, the right lane going higher up. Stand with your sign in the middle between the two lanes. Even though it might look a bit strange, this is the most common spot and it's easy for drivers to see you and there's enough space for one car to safely stop there.

Alternatively opposite of the railway station take bus no 27 towards "Letaliska" and get out at "Jarse". Continue following "Smartinska cesta" about 400 meters and turn to right from the traffic lights. There is a bus stop right after. Most of the cars passing now are going towards the highway. You can also take bus no 2 to "Nove Jarse" from Southern part of Slovenska cesta. The last stop is the mentioned hitchhiking spot.

Northwest towards Kranj, Bled, Villach, Salzburg (Austria), Munich (Germany)

Hitchhiking spot for direction: Kranj

Direction north-west there is the motorway E61/A2 towards Kranj through the Karawanken Tunnel (Slovenian: Predor Karavanke) or over the pass over the border to Villach (slov.: Beljak) in Austria and further on on the Tauern-motorway to Salzburg and over to Germany. It is the way that is used by most of those numerous Germans that go to the Croatian coast for holidays.

This motorway E61/A2 starts from the Ljubljana bypass. The best way to join this motorway is from the street Celovška cesta, at the bus stop Šentvid (stand in the corner before the bus stop!!). Get there by bus number 1, 25, or 8 from the city centre in direction of Vižmarje. If people who pick you up don't go as far as you like, you can get a lift as far as the first "Petrol" gas station on the highway (17km away) or the former toll station Torovo and keep hitchhiking there. There is also a petrol station at the Radovljica-exit (right before Bled) which is useful for getting into Austria.

NOTE: May 2017. Good spot, got a ride to the first gas station on the motorway in 3 minutes with a sign for Kranj (KR). From there another ride all the way to Salzburg.

South or west towards Koper, Nova Gorica, Rijeka, Pula, Italy

Fuel station and very big truck parking on highway

Catch bus 9 to bus stop Pot na Rakovo jelso and go straight to direction where bus went follow Cesta dveh cesarev street (dont turn the left side where bus went after 100 metres). Asphalt road will bring you to place where you can see fuel station search tiny tail to it!

There is shower in fuel station price 3 eur and places for wild camping around...

August 2017: Despite the incoherence of the above directions, hobo0101 tried to follow them because I really want a shower. When you find yourself at the bus terminal, walk away from the overpass and the highway; shortly after the small gas station, turn left on the street mentioned above. Walk down this residential street, parallel with the highway, until you see all the trucks: that's where you need to go. There is a path near the trees through the field separating the street you're on and the truck stop. Don't bother thumbing - you must speak to everyone. hobo0101 got a ride from a trucker. Good luck.

Ramp on enter to highroad, very short and small place

Hitchhiking spot Dolgi most

From the city center (Dunajska cesta, Slovenska cesta) take bus number 6 or 6B in direction south, till the stop Dolgi most (last stop in case of #6), which is just after big crossroads with motorway signs, before the bridge above the road. Go back to the crossroads and you will see the entry lane into the motorway. There will also be an entry to a parking of a small house, stand on the side there with your sign (you will see where everybody else stands...).

If your destination is Venice or further, the easiest way is via Nova Gorica: use sign GO and ask to be dropped at the service area on the border. For Trieste it doesn't work well with TS sign - best option might be to use KP sign and then ask the driver to drop you off at Kozina exit (go right in the crossroads after toll booths). It's only 3 km from the border and on the main Rijeka-Trieste road.

If your destination is Rijeka, take also rides going to Postojna or further west. Get out at Postojna exit and from there walk across the highway (use the bridge). There is a good spot to hitchhike southwards just few hundred meters after the bridge.

Southeast towards Novo mesto, Zagreb

Fuel station and very big truck parking on highway

Catch bus 9 to bus stop Pot na Rakovo jelso and go straight to direction where bus went follow Cesta dveh cesarev street (dont turn the left side where bus went after 100 metres). Asphalt road will bring you to place where you can see fuel station search tiny tail to it!

Another way to get to the same gas station is to take bus n° 1 or 1b and stop at Tbilisijska. Keep walking straight on the direction the bus is going and soon turn left at the first street, Cesta dveh cesarev. After about 300 meter by feet you'll start to see the gas station some 50 meters away on the right side, with some gardens in between. You can either pass trough one of the gardens and climb the fence, or walk few hundred meters longer to find a convenient passage through the fence.

There is shower in fuel station price 3 eur and places for wild camping around...

Fuel station to Zagreb is on another side of highroad!!!

'** July2017 I followed the instructions and just lost time crossing the highway to go to the other side of the road, it's a bit dangerous . So take all your time guys! Stayed 30 to 50 minutes then picked a ride direct to zagreb in a truck .

Same fuel station as above

Hitchhiking spot for direction: Zagreb (option 2)

Sservice area "Barje", in direction of Zagreb. This service area is on the Ring around Ljubljana and is very well-served by a lot of long-distance drivers. To get there take bus number 1 or 1B in direction Mestni Log from the center. Go off one stop before last, called "Koprska". Continue straight (the bus takes a turn just before the stop "Koprska" - don't follow it, go straight on!) on the street Cesta v Mestni log, after 2 minutes you will cross a bridge over a small river. Continue straight and cross the motorway over the bridge, and on the left side the service area is about 500 m away. There is a golf course between you and the service area, which you can cross by climbing its fences (not too high) if the personal allows you, which hasn't always been the case. If they don't, you should take an immediate left directly after crossing the highway (you're still on the bridge at that point), descending to the guardrail. You are now between the golf course's fence and the highway, which is quite a narrow path at some points. After a few hundred metres, you'll get to the resting area. Hitchhiker Looking for Stu discovered that bus 1 will drop you by the side of the golf course at what appeared to be the last stop before returning to town. No problem hopping the fences and crossing the course away from the busy motorway edge.

On-ramp of the motorway at the edge of the city

Not many cars go in this direction, and the ones that do usually do not enter the motorway here - this on-ramp mostly serves inter-urban traffic, so you might have to wait a lot of time. From the city centre (Slovenska cesta, bus stop "Pošta") take bus line 3 in direction of "Rudnik" (south), and get off at the final stop. In front of you there will be the motorway entrance, which will be a turn left. Cross the street and on the side of the on-ramp road, on your left, you will see a small asphalt surface where all the cars pass, and there you can stand and hitchhike easily.

Notice - If you are hitchhiking towards Novo mesto, pay attention that you are hitchhiking on the high-way entrance (the turn left) and not on the old road, which is continuing straight ahead. If you are hitchhiking to Zagreb, pay attention to the "Crossing borders" section in the Slovenia page.

Train to Zagreb

If you really cannot get a lift out, the train is fairly cheap- eur 16.00 one-way to Zagreb and lasts 2.5 hours. Trains are scheduled at:

  1. 06:35
  2. 08:15 - this train can take you as far as Belgrade.
  3. 14:45
  4. 18:35


It is possible to sleep in the upside part of Tivoli park which is half an hour walking from the city centre. It is not so flat terrain, but if you search well you should find nice spots, clean, safe and quiet.

It is possible to sleep in Metelkova mesto (at the intersection of the street Metelkova and Masarykova) on the grass between Jalla Jalla Club and Tiffany Club.

It might be possible to sleep in the locker room of the train station, a policeman just comes in the morning saying "Wake up", but on occasion security people have entered and told that it's not possible to sleep there.

You could also sleep near the Sava River, it's a bit far from the train station, but it's unlikely that anyone will bother you. Take bus 19/19B till the north end "Tomacevo" and then take the road that goes down and turn right, you should get out of the city and pass by some farms and there you have the river where you can even swim if you have the bravery.


There is free "Wifi Ljubljana" everywhere in the center that you can request a code for by using your mobile phone number. Foreign numbers work fine as well.

Most of the coffee places also provide free wifi.

Additionally, At the back of the train station, right before the tracks, there is a tourist information computer which can be used for free internet surfing by clicking in the search tab, typing what your looking for, and finding it in the results (there is no URL bar provided).

You can also go to the Faculty of Arts (Slov. Filozofska fakulteta or Filofaks) which is on Aškerčeva 2. There are computers on the left and right on the ground floor but there are more in the basement. They don't have a password. They also have coffee machines were you can get a coffee (kava) for eur 0.25. (Nov 2010). Computers are Linux based and just for web browsing, but on every floor at the end of the long hallway. Faculty is closed on Sundays, possibly also during the summer recess (2nd half of July, August) (Jun 2017).

Another option is the Slovene National and University Library (Slov. abbr. NUK), Turjaška ulica 1, also a prominent landmark so every local/guide should know where it is. Computers are free to access and use on the ground floor, to the left and right of the grand staircase. Windows based with a web browser and also an Office suite. Open Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00, Sat 9.00-13.00, Sun closed, possible shorter opening times during summer.

There is also a McD at the train station and in the city centre that as always provides free-Wifi.


There is a market from Monday to Saturday at southern bank of river (vodnikov trg). It closes between 16:00 and 17:00 and there is always a lot of fruit and vegetables after the vendors. >> better check Trashwiki !

There is "Pizza Burek" which is a speciality from there, and a local made us taste the best seller in town, located in the Prazakova Ulica near the Bavarski Dvor bus station, for eur 2.30, it not the cheapest, but it's really really good. It's quarter a pizza with mushrooms, and lot of things in it, but you should definitely try it ! Note: The place is called Olimpia burek, if you are asking the locals. Note 2: You can buy burek almost anywhere, in special fast food joints and almost every bakery (pekarna). It's questionable which is "the best seller in town".

Public Bicycles

http://en.bicikelj.si/ - 1€/1week subscription for tourists. All you need is a Credit/Debit card and you can register online. Each first hour of use is free and you have to lock it again for at least 5 minutes before you can use it again. Some bikes stations are far off the center and not so far from the hitchhiking spots so it is a good alternative to get there instead of paying for the local bus. (May 2017)

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