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Southeastern Anatolia > Mardin
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Mardin is a city in Southeastern Anatolia.

Hitchhiking out

Northeast towards Midyat, Hasankeyf, Batman

The road heading northeast starts at a junction between the old city (Eski Mardin) and the Yenişehir suburb (literally “new city”, the newer suburb of the city lying on the plain), just at where the steep hill towards the old city starts/ends, opposite the big-box type market named Migros. Note the junction of the road leading to Şırnak by its sign (which is nearer to the old city than the junction of the road to Midyat) not to take the wrong road, as the junctions lie very close to each other.

It’s no problem to attract a ride here, as in the rest of Southeastern Anatolia. Drivers seeing you walking towards the exit of the city stop by even when you’re not actually thumbing.

North towards Diyarbakır

From the park in the new city (Yenisehir), just walk in direction Diyabakır. There'll be a huge crossing after a few 100 meters. Walk a little further until you find a nice place to htich.


Başak Hotel at the main street of old city has open-air beds on the rooftop available for 15 TL/person a night.