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:Corona is now a pandemic. [[User:Guaka|I]] urge you to stop hitchhiking, [https://staythefuckhome.com/ go home and stay the fuck there], edit Hitchwiki pages and prepare for quarantaine and stay there.
[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF9IOB2TExg3QIBupFtBDxg John Campbell] has a channel on YouTube with practical, calm, clear and concise information.
[[Image:Trustroots.png|left|50px|link=https://www.trustroots.org/?tribe=hitchhikers&utm_source=Hitchwiki&utm_medium=Sitenotice&utm_campaign=Sitenotice]]<span class="plainlinks">Join '''[https://www.trustroots.org/?tribe=hitchhikers&utm_source=Hitchwiki&utm_medium=Sitenotice&utm_campaign=Sitenotice Trustroots.org]''' — hospitality exchange site built by Hitchwiki folks. Wanna [https://www.trustroots.org/volunteering help?]</span>

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