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<map lat='48.120038335058595' lng='20.790252685546875' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Hungary
State: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
Population: 171 096
Licence plate: -
Major roads: M30
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'Miskolc is the third largest city in Hungary.

Hitching Out

West towards Budapest

It is very easy to get a ride to Budapest from Miskolc as there is a direct motorway to the Hungarian capital and most of the drivers taking that motorway (M30) are heading directly to Budapest. However, the road leading to the motorway is quite far away from the city center, so you should take the bus number 4 from Búza tér or number 44 from the bus stop 'Centrum' to the Cora hypermarket on the edge of the city. After getting off, you should look for the road '304' that is just in front of the Cora parking lot. You can immediately start hitchhiking when you reach road 304 but the wisest thing to do is walking a few hundred meters further, so you could leave the shopping traffic behind. The best spot to use is probably right next to the sign marking the end of Miskolc, I have never waited more than twenty minutes to get a lift to Budapest.

Public Transport

Public transport in Miskolc is not the densest, but you can reach all the important places in reasonable time with the various bus lines and the tram line. However, blackriding is nearly impossible in Miskolc as you have to get at the first door and the driver checks your ticket, so you'd better buy a ticket. Tickets can be bought at various ticket offices for 220 Forints (0,8 Euro) or on the spot for 300 Forints (1,1 Euro) Schedules and route numbers can be found at http://mkvrt.hu (available in English).