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Moncton is a city in Southeastern New Brunswick. It has a great library, is a major hub for freight trains, and has a busy main strip where people play music. There's a mellow attitude in the city and plenty of places to get alcohol, plus a decent tobbaconist.

Getting out of Monkton shouldn't be too difficult. If you pass through, it's worth recording how you got out.

West to Fredericton

I got lucky and the lift that bought me to Moncton from Halifax took a detour to drop me back on the TCH to continue hitching.

Mountain road (126) leads west out of Moncton to the TCH junction. The usual suspects are there: McDonalds, Subway, Tim Hortons, an Esso gas station. Hitch on the TCH itself if the on-ramp seems a little quiet.

South-West to Saint John

South-East to to Nova Scotia

East to Prince Edward Island

North to Miramichi