Moonwalk Strategy

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Dante suggests calling a specific form of reverse forward hitch hiking, "Moonwalking".

It consists in hitch hiking counterintuitively in the opposite direction as to more easily move forward, by using the knowledge of petrol stations on the motorway, especially petrol stations which are on both sides of the motorway, and do a "U Turn" by crossing to a petrol station at the other side of the road, going back in the direction we want to go, with ideally more specific long haul highroad traffic.

For example, if I am stuck at the exit of Bremen with more traffic going towards Hamburg than Osnabruck, I may choose to take a car going towards Hamburg, using the knowledge of petrol stations facing each other on that highroad stretch between Bremen and Hamburg, so that I can get off at a petrol station, cross to the other side, and then hitch hike back towards Osnabruck more easily.

This can be particularly interesting to get out of motorway knots.

Dante vividly recommends finding a bridge to cross, and not put ones life in danger.

This strategic approach applies very well as potential solution to densly networked motorways.

If you like, please leave your name here if you already used this "moonwalk" strategy to get you out of a blocked situation :)

Potentially useful is a map of petrol stations on the highroads, such as this one of Petrol Stations on German HIghways

Dante also wishes to converge information from hitch hikers about each petrol station, and its potential to cross to the petrol station on the other side.