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<map lat='38.25166192031555' lng='21.741943359375' zoom='11' float='right' view='0' />
Flag of Greece
Population: 172,000
Licence plate: AX, AZ
Major roads: E 55, E 65
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Patra (also Patras, Greek: Πάτρα) is a city in Greece. It's one of the Greek cities with a ferry link to Italy, connecting to Venice, Bari, Brindisi and Ancona.

Hitchhiking Out

East towards Korinthos, Athens

Take Bus No6 from downtown Patra (€ 1.30). Ask for Korinthou Street. There are stops there. Get off at the end of the line at the hospital. There's a road on your left leading to the toll station after 15 min walk.

A hitchhiker's experience

I have hitchhiked right after the toll station 3-4 times. Only once a toll station employee told me to leave. I went to the cantine 20m away and got a ride there from a guy who had stopped for a snack. Another time a policeman just asked me to step behind the bars. I had no problem to catch a ride.

Hitchhiking In

From Athens

1.Eleusina Toll Station.

2.Take Suburban Train Piraeus-Kiato from Piraeus or Athens aka Larissis Train Station(not to be confused with Larissa TOWN)

 Get off at last stop.Walk straight from the right side of the railines to the highway
 you see.There turn right.
 After 20m there is a left turn to Egio,Patras
 There are almost no controllers on that train.I have taken it 5-6 times last two months(April-May 2010)usually on Fridays 
and have seen no controllers.My grilfriend neither in different occasions.Btw ticket is 6e.