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<map lat='48.89' lng='8.7' zoom='11' view='3' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg.png
Population: 120,000
Licence plate: PF
Major roads: A 8
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Pforzheim is smaller big city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany on the northern edge of the Black Forest between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe on the traffic connections between those bigger cities. The risk of traffic jams on this piece of the near motorway 8 (“Autobahn 8”, A 8) is among the highest of whole Germany. To relax this situation there is road constructions taking place and adding to the problem at the moment.

Hitching out

For longer distances it is advisable to take the motorway. The motorway 8 bends around the north and east of the city to Stuttgart (east) and Karlsruhe (west).

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