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Here we try to collect images and create a selection of nice images of people hitchhiking that can be used by the Press for articles and reports about hitchhiking.

  • If you are a journalist, feel free to use the following images. Mention "" at credits and photographer if it was mentioned under the photo here.
  • If you are a hitchhiker, feel free to add your own images of people hitchhiking. An example would be a person hitchhiking (thumbing) next to the roadside.

Why collect press images?

There are a lot of stock images on the web that portray hitchhiking in unrealistic ways that we do not endorse (just do an quick image search for woman hitchhiker and you'll get the idea). Unfortunately, there plenty of these and, even more unfortunate, they are even sometimes used by print and online media when writing about hitchhiking. In order to provide better material, we are trying to built a collection of images to which journalists interested in hitchhiking can be pointed to.