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<map lat='64.125' lng='-21.88' zoom='10' view='0' />
Flag of Iceland
State: -
Population: 118.000
Licence plate: -
Major roads: 1
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Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and the world's most northern national capital.

Hitching Out

Direction: North, East(Borgarnes, Ísafjörður, Akureyri, Þingvellir, Geysir)

It's not really possible to hitch out of the city center. Best is to take the yellow (bus) line towards Mosfellsbær. There you can get out and start hitchhiking along the main road. If you want to go north (Borgarnes, Akureyri) it's also possible to take the bus towards Kjalarnes and get out there.

Direction: West (Keflavík, Airport)

The bus from Reykjavik to Hafnarfjörður (280 ISK) stops for 5 minutes at the main bus station in Hafnarfjörður and then proceeds further into Hafnarfjörður (Bus 1 "Hfj. Vellir"). When the bus leaves the main station in Hafnarfjörður you can ask the driver to stop at the bus stop closest to Reykjanesbraut, or you can keep your eye on a map. From there you can walk to the Reykjanesbraut and it's fairly doable to hitch from the side of the road.