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|pop = 145,274,019  
|pop = 145,274,019  
|currency = Ruble (RUB)
|currency = Ruble (RUB)
|hitch = {{good}}, {{average}}
|hitch = from {{average}} to {{excellent}}

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Flag of Russia Russia
Language: Russian
Capital: Moscow
Population: 145,274,019
Currency: Ruble (RUB)
Hitchability: from
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(average) to
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Russia is the largest country on Earth. There is a large number of active hitchhikers, but compared to the total number of the population it's not that much. It is a great country to hitchhike. some drivers expect money, some not. count about 5 days from moscow to novosibirsk.


Russian roads (hui way, instead of high way) are not among the safest on Earth. Russians like to drink vodka. And some of them like to drink vodka in their cars. Be aware of drunken drivers. I dont agree! At least on trunk roads (transsiberian there are so many police checkpoints) and drivers dont want to run the risk of getting cought drunk.

Then again, Russians who own a car are not very probably to be the worst alcoholics and drinking and driving is heavily penalized in Russia.

To increase your safety you might want to hitchhike from police post to police post. The police posts situated on all highways with intervals of about 100 km. These posts, commonly called Post DPS, are good places to hitchhike since cars will drive by slowly, and police is always close. You can also ask the police officers to help you get a ride which really might work.

I did not feel unsafe in russia, i was rather worried about the police posts and tried to avoid police contact. no bad experience though.


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