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Picking up hitchhikers

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# Tell the outright truth. "I feel that I can not take you any further. I need my private space. I know you will understand."
# Or a little white lie: "I need to call my boss and talk about sensitive subjects. You know, professional secret".
In case you want to leave a hitchhiker it's best if you leave them at a spot that will allow them to continue their journey easily, such as a gas station on the highway or an highway on-ramp that is getting some traffic. Like this the hitchhiker will be much less upset than when you leave them at a terrible spot (e.g. side of the highway).
Generally, though, hitchhikers prefer the truth and can handle it. The same goes for hitchhikers who chat you up at a service station - most of them have had so many talks of this kind that they can smell a lie from miles away. Don't insult them by lying to them!

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