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Picking up hitchhikers

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Most hitchhikers will try to converse with you to get to know you, in case they are not talking its good to try to initiate a conversation as they could be tired from all the waiting and walking.
== Common hitchhiking spots ==One can find hitchhikers on almost all areas on a road or close to it, but there's several kinds of places where it's more common and likely to see them. === Traffic light lights ===
Sometimes you encounter hitchhikers at [[Traffic light hitchhiking|traffic lights]]. If the traffic light is followed by a convenient place to stop it's best to go there. Otherwise you have to [[trust]] on your instinct.
=== Motorway on-ramp, bus stops ===
Bus stops are convenient places to stop. Motorway on-ramps can be more tricky, but are similar.
=== [[Petrol station hitchhiking|Petrol stationstations]] ===
Many hitchhikers prefer to ask drivers for rides at petrol stations. This gives both hitchhikers as well as drivers more time to think, chat, and develop a rapport with which they can [[trust]] in one another. Some of the people working at the stations don't like hitchhikers and consider it soliciting so can be rude and may ask them to leave so if you feel like giving them a ride ask them to wait for you out side the gas station until you pick them up.

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