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<map lat='43.50647995572425' lng='16.483869552612305' zoom='9' view='3' />
Flag of Croatia
State: Split-Dalmatia County
Population: 221.456 (2007)
Licence plate: ST
Major roads: -
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Split is the largest Dalmatian city and the second-largest urban centre in Croatia.

Hitchhiking out

South-East towards Dubrovnik and Bosnia

To hitch a ride out of Split direction Dubrovnik take bus #25 direction Stobrec. The road Magistrala leads all the way out of town, so the best option is just to stand on the side, watch out for a good spot and wait until somebody stops.

In 2009 14 teams took the same way during the Viva con Agua hitchhike race at the same time and stood every 100m sticking out their thumbs.Worked out, so there shouldn't be any problems in getting out of town =)

Alternatively, you can take bus #35 to Dugopolje and get off at the first stop after the sign saying Dugopolje. From here, it's a 15 min uphill walk to a gas station where you can ask people. The road forks quite quickly after this gas station both in north-west and south-east direction.

You can also go on Bus #60 to "Omis" (City Bus). Omis is a small town 18 km out of Split on the road to dubrovnik. Get out at the last station, up a small hill after omis. There is a good spot there, cars coming up the hill and out of the town go quite slow.

  • Please don't take the bus to Omis. You will save yourself a lot of trouble. Nobody is going through this village unless his destination is there. If you want to go towards Dubrovnik I would suggest to stop a car on some road connecting to highway. Most of people are avoiding Jadranska magistrala when travelling to Dubrovnik.
  • I took bus 60 tıll the end of the lıne. There are some facılıtıes and shade. Waıtıng tıme 20 mıutes. Good Luck. May 2012. Len
  • (17 March 2017, 1pm.) We are a couple with 2 big backpacks. We waited at bus station Narodne Garde. We waited 12 min. From the city center, ou go at the end of street Poljička Cesta towards the east, turn right in Dubrovnik/Makarska direction, then you are on street Zbora Narodne Garde and there is the bus station. It takes 45 min to go there from the city center. Otherwise, you can take the bus. Lena

North towards Rijeka and Zagreb

Take a bus to Dugopolje (about 2 euros) and ask to be dropped near the toll station from there you can get a ride to any town north and even to Slovenia or Italy. There's a sign saying "No Autostop" but it's very unlikely that you will have any problem. Bus number 35 (August 2014) should bring you close to it if you need a number but others might work as well.

You can also take this bus and stop at the first bus stop in Dugopolje (press the stop button after you saw the sign of Dugopolje). From here it's a 15 min. uphill walk to a gas station where you can ask people.


If you don't want to hitchhike at the toll booths you could go to the main bus station in Split and find a long-distance bus that's going to head onto the highway (the A1) towards Zagreb. You can ask at the information/ticket booth which buses are heading onto the A1 and when they leave. Find your bus and tell the bus driver or conductor that you would like to hitchhike and ask if they will drop you off at the first gas station (called Rašćane Gornje, it's a good place to ask for rides) on the highway, about 10 or 11km after the toll booths. I tried this and they were unfriendly at first and said that's not a place the bus stops but we quickly managed to negotiate an unofficial price. Because it was peak season and we weren't getting an official ticket they said I had to wait until the bus filled up and then I could get a seat if there was one left over, or stand.