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Strasbourg is one of the biggest cities of France. It is the siege of the European Parliament, and pretty bourgeois.

In theory it seems doable to hitchhike directly from the center, as there is the entrance to several highways. However, the people of the city are not very hitchhike-friendly, so it is better to directly go to a petrol station on the highway.

Getting around

<map lat='48.55388717497782' lng='7.7474212646484375' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='400'/> Public transport is very cheap for a western European city. A 24 hour pass is only 3,50 EUR, for 4,80 EUR you get a 24 hour pass for 3 persons.

Hitching out

Going east (Germany) Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg

You can take the regional train going to Kehl which is already in Germany (around 6 minutes for 2-3 euro). In Kehl you've got a big road going directly to the motorway A5 - and everyone who's coming from France is using this road. You also find a petrol station!

Also, to go from Stasbourg to Kehl, you can use the bus (line #21 ; one bus every 30 min. Watch out on Sunday, the first bus leaves first at 9.30 am). It's a bit longer but quite cheaper (1,30 euro instead of 3,50 for train) and it stops in several places from "Ancienne Douanne" to the east side of the city (useful if you are in the eastern part of the city).

By train, for 2 euro more, you can continue after Kehl till Appenweier. From there you can walk or hitchhike to the petrol station "Rasthof Renchtal" (2,5 km check the route on ). It can be a good alternative to Kehl because in 30 minutes more, you're on the German motorway network.

Going North (Metz, Saarbrücken) and South (Mulhouse, Switzerland)

Take the tram (red line) to Illkirch Lixenbuhl and then the bus (line 2) to Ostwald Eglise. From the bus stop, with your back to the church, turn right and walk down the road towards the big house around some green fields at the junction.You then turn right and you keep walking up this road parallel to the the Nachtweid forest.

A small road runs along its edge and leads to the first petrol station on the A35 motorway. This is for traffic going SOUTH towards Mulhouse and Switzerland.

Across from this is the second petrol station for the NORTH (Metz, Saarbrucken, etc). You can access this from a muddy path beside the bridge.

Going North (Metz, Saarbrücken, Paris)

Take a regional train direction Brumath and make sure this one stops at Stephansfeld. From there you can walk within 15 min to the gas station on the A4 and start hitchhiking straight at the gas station.

Going west

  1. Join the A4 by the "going north route" (see upper). Good solution for Paris.
  2. Join the N4: take the "bus interurbain" #205,#206 or #207 from "Ancienne synagogue-Les Halles" or "Gare Centrale" to Ittenheim (1,80 euros). From Ittenheim's bus stop, walk till the entry of the village (3 minutes), and you're on the best spot of the N4 to leave Strasbourg. This road has the advantage to be free of fees so many cool people use it. I recommend it to go to Metz and Nancy cause you don't loose a lot of time compared to motorways and you have many more chances to get a lift. Very efficient, I never waited more than 5 minutes there!