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  • Jan 31 2015 - Right now links from Hitchwiki to Nomadwiki.org and Trashwiki.org are quite hidden, but that’s about to change with new version of Hitchwiki we’re developing now. Therefore we're calling for help to migrate non-hitching related contents out from Hitchwiki and creating links between all these wikis!
  • Dec 2016 Outlook: in that brand new hitchwiki 2.0 the maps are highly integrated with mediawiki (API extension, on github) and there are plenty of client libraries to access that API already. Under the hood are wiki articles with semantic mediawiki tags distinguishing them from the rest of content. First we make sure users are able to save spots, comments, waiting times, hitchability ratings, etc. Later on, with the api working and the app is good, a new version comes up with the option to sync the saved spots with Hitchwiki.

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