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22 December 2009 - The Road Junky Travel Film Festival invites Hitchwiki to give a talk. Users are invited to submit their travel videos and to join our community on Facebook

20 December 2009 - Citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro can now travel visa-free to all countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement. Read more from BBC.

11 December 2009 - We now offer a hitchwiki tutorial for all fellow hitchhikers out there who are new to hitchwiki and want to share their knowledge with us, but don't know how. Check it out and get some insights in the world of editing articles and adding hitchhiking spots on hitchwiki!

9 December 2009 - Emil from Finland, age 19 was lost during his trip in Poland. Please check his photo from website or facebook-group.

29 November 2009 - The movie about the Viva con Agua hitchhiking race is out! It includes English subtitles & 23 minutes of pure hitchhiking! Watch the race here. The editors worked hard to finish the movie and do appreciate feedback in any direction!

24 November 2009 - G J della Mer started a Turkish Hitchwiki. Now we have 11 languages

27 October 2009 - You can now use Hitchwiki everywhere without internet, through Aarddict.

21 July 2009 - We had some technical difficulties the last days/weeks due to a broken hard drive. Everything should work again now. (We have also set up a read-only mirror you can use in case the main server is down.)

13 July 2009 - At m.hitchwiki.org we've set up a hitchwiki version for mobile phones.

10 July 2009 - Strzkrzysiek started a Polish Hitchwiki. Now we have 10 languages :)

9 July 2009 - Thanks to Mipplor, we now have a Chinese Hitchwiki. If you speak Chinese, please help us letting it grow. And if you know someone who speaks Chinese, spread the word.

1 July 2009 - Hitchwiki switched its license to Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA). This means that: 1. it simplifies the distribution of the Hitchwiki's content where only an attribution is required (+ all derivated works require the application of the same CC-BY-SA license); 2. Hitchwiki will be licensed under the same license as other wikis (Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage), sites (OpenStreetMap) and images (Flickr's CC), a strong bond with which helped immensively in building up the content of Hitchwiki.

21 June 2009 - It is now possible to follow all the cool hitchhiking stories from around the world via Twitter. Thanks to alex!