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21st March 2013 There's a Wikimedia Commons app for Android. Enable your GPS, make pics of your hitching trips and use these pics here directly on Hitchwiki without a hassle.

28th February 2013 A bill was introduced January 9, 2013 by Senator Leland Christensen called Senate File 29 to eliminate prohibition of solliciting a ride and therefore legalize hitchhiking in the state of Wyoming, USA. It was enacted on 27th February 2013, hitchhiking becoming legal in that state as of July 1, 2013.

4th February 2013 In the USA, it was finally proven that hitchhikers are valuable members of society when "Hero hitchhiker uses hatchet to save woman from 'Jesus'". The hilarious videos of the report and the full interview with the hitchhiker have gone viral since; too bad nobody who sees them will ever pick up another hitchhiker again.

20th December 2012 like Hitchwiki in the past, BeWelcome switches to the free and open source OpenStreetMap, underlining "its strong non-profit values - in a time where internet-based peer-to-peer hospitality communities are subject to increasing commercialization by venture capitalists".

12th November 2012 The New York Times is encouraging people to hitchhike: "What if we could remake the original landscape of alienation — the highway — into a place where Americans could once again reach out to help one another, to share space and time with a stranger? We might begin to reconnect, not just with one another, but with the idea of ourselves as one people, moving in the same direction." — discussion about the article on Hacker News.

4th November 2012 The Hitchhiking Hub succesfully raised 2000 Euro for the 1st edition of a printed hitchhiking magazine! The first issue will be about Tramprennen 2008 - 2012: a hitchhiking race for drinking water. The project is financed via Crowdfunding. Right now around 10 hitchhikers gathered in Berlin to push things forward! Plan is to publish around Christmas 2012.

1 October 2012 Hitchwiki has a new design. We hope you like it!