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24 January 2015 A community hitchhiking project in Lawrence, Kansas is developing an app that may be useful for hitchhikers in general. Read about CarmaHop - and please help them by answering the survey.

26th December 2014 Folks behind Hitchwiki are building a new hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers: Trustroots.org — It's time to join it and spread the word!

13th December 2014 Anick-Marie (formerly Perilisk and now Globestoppeuse) made available [[::File:Hitchhiking_-_Neo-nomad.pdf|Hitchhiking]], a 2010 How-to zine including an analysis of the different safety advice with their pros and cons, including women-specific advice

30th October 2014 We will work on new Hitchwiki for 5-8 weeks in Turkey. Please help us cover our expenses! Share/like the page all around! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mikael.

25th November 2014 Rules of Thumb: How to Hitch-Hike and Live on the Road, a detailed guidebook on hitch-hiking, has just been released for free, on Kindle, and in Paperback. Aimed at less experienced hitch-hikers about to undertake long-distance journeys.

27th September 2014 The famous Russian hitchhiker Alexey Vorov intends to race around the world in his new project 500 HOURS in order to promote peace and hospitality and to show how small our tiny planet is. Track his progress here

06th August - 28th September 2014 The TravelMakers Project is a journey from Berlin to Istanbul. The project is a combination of hitchhiking throughout Europe, creating street art, volunteering and contributing within urban communities in active social projects, and filming on the way. Learn more about their project and donate to their cause on Travel Makers - Hitchhiking for Social Projects

21 July 2014 The registrations for this years "Tramprennen", a hitchhiking race across Europe from Würzburg (Ger) to Lake Ohrid (Macedonia) are open now on tramprennen.org.

19 July 2014 Sarah Franke's short film about Prino is now on general release on Vimeo.

1 July 2014 The TravelMakers Project registration channel is open. Check out the project and get on board! This project is the succession project of the Euroadtrip2012 Project.

16 June 2014 The North German Television NDR shot a documentary about the Tramprennen last year (in German only).

26 May 2014 The registration for the Abgefahren Hitchhiking Championships is now open. Abgefahren e.V. is looking forward to seeing you!

5 May 2014 In Münster there was the first screening of an anthropological movie about hitchhiking. The movie "On the way" is now on-line here. The documentary mentions the Hitchwiki project.

5 May 2014 A new project has come to life in Belgium! You can visit the blog. Please tell the world why one should hitchhike here The most creative answers will make the tumblr, thanks!

21 March 2014 Lawrence On Board, a new hitchhiking promotion program in Kansas needs your vote on facebook! They have been selected as semifinalists in the TEDxFulbright Social Innovations Challenge! The winner gets the full support of the TED and Fulbright communities. Cast your vote on facebook here!

13 January 2014 There is a new book about hitch-hiking: American Eyeball.

6 January 2014 The Dutch site mentioned below has added tiny portraits of seven older-than-average hitchhikers.