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Dante ( Dante-Gabryell Monson ) has been hitchhiking Europe as a permanent traveler since the Paris 2003 European Social Forum.

Dante is interested in the development of alternative lifestyles ( experience of the ongoing transit, presence of festivalist nomadism, and the metaphysics of the hitch hiker - as a metarealist expression?) and nomadic netroots activismoriented towards developing paradigms maximizing opportunities , and not coercion.

Dante is from Europe ( grew up and lived in Brussels , Belgium ), but also lived in Taiwan and Malaysia for about two years.

Dante has been involving himself over the last years with various international networks , such as ( "young european greens" - note : I since distanced myself from centralizing approaches ) ; p2pfoundation

and as hes extended family,nomad bases and hospitality networks : "dante" on and , "dante-gabryell" on

In 2009 , Dante is trying hard to reduce the frequency of hes re-locations , and converge more of hes activities around Brussels and Berlin.

Dante also looks forward to understand and build on intentional social network dynamics and projects , including Peer Governance , Peer Production and Open Manufacturing , Open Business ; Alternative Currencies ; and Stigmergy.

As a self-learner , Dante is also interested in certain fields of cybernetics and semiotics , and would like to develop one of hes ideas for a emergent post-symbolic spatial language. , for which he still lacks programming and graphic design skills.

In 2010, Dante is working on converging friends to invest in a low cost housing project in Leipzig , as a starting point for a p2p local hybrid economy,

and is also learning more about RDF Vocabularies, and interested in defining a "ReQuest" Semantic Web Vocabulary for enabling Transaction Contract Graphs, for hybrid transactions between various types of relational dynamics - see : Fiske Relational Dynamics

In 2011, Dante is likely to collaborate with various groups in Belgium towards furthering alternative finance.

You can read some old Archives related to me : from 2004 , 2000 to 2005

Meaning of Life

Dante believes that the key to meaning is the opening of trust , mutual empowerment , learning and creativity in shared interconnected realities , towards greater understanding , welcoming , surrendering in the moment , at every moment , letting what " can through us " flow.

Hitch Hiking and Life

Dante enjoys surrendering to synchronicity.


When Dante can not sleep , he sometimes tries to re-count the number of trips and kilometers he hitch hiked , and tends to fall asleep after counting 300 000km.

Dante has been suffering from a serious hitch hiking overdose since 2007 ( especially solo hitch hiking on highways he knows all too well ) , and is currently healing by limiting hes hitch hiking experience , through staying in places of shared reality longer ( more then two days ) , and using other forms of transport.

Dante suggests long distance hitch hiking ( over 2000 km non-stop , without stopping for sleeping ) as a spiritual practice ( overcoming the illusion of insecurity and of specific needs , opening up trust and faith ) , and as a test practice for couples that are in love relationships ( facing hardships together and opening up to uncertainties in joy and detachment )

For optimal comfort and traveling experience , Dante recommends long term hitch hikers traveling Europe to have as only luggage a small backpack not exceeding 5kg in weight. ( this is usually enough for extra socks and underwear , shorts , some t shirts , extra pullover , raincoat and a laptop )

Dante very much enjoyed the freedom of movement in summer 2006 , when he traveled several months with a 1,5 kg backpack.

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  • e-mail: dante - at - ecobytes . net
  • chat: dante.monson - at -

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